Pokémon Reveals More Details About Pokémon GO.

The Pokémon Company recently released a treasure trove of information on its highly anticipated smartphone game, Pokémon GO. The game is a joint effort between Pokémon and ap
p developer Niantic Labs. Here is a breakdown of what we know so far:

Look for and capture Pokémon in cities and towns across the world. Your phone will vibrate when
Pokemon are near by, and using your smartphone screen, capture them with a Poké Ball.

There will be PokéStops at areas of interest, such as statues, art installations and historical markers. These PokéStops are where you will find more Poké Balls and other items to collect. One such item is Pokémon Eggs, which will hatch into new Pokémon after walking a certain distance.

Level Up as a Trainer
As you progress in Pokémon GO, you will level up as a trainer. Higher levels unlocks
include stronger Pokémon and better items such as Great Balls.

Join a Team and Defend Gyms
At some point in the game, you will choose between one of three teams. Once you are on a team, you can start to defend virtual Gyms by placing your captured Pokémon at these Gyms. Gym locations are found in the same types of locations as the PokéStops. If the Gym is run by your team, your job is to defend it thru battles, and if a Gym is run by a different team, you try to capture it.

Medal System
By completing various challenges and progressing thru the game, achievement medals are unlocked that are displayed on the players profile.

Pokémon GO Plus
The Pokémon GO Plus is a wearable device that will connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth. It will vibrate when Pokémon are near as well as perform some basic capturing tasks.

If you've played Niantic's popular geolocation game Ingress, then the leveling up, teams, and area defense will sound familiar. There will be a limited beta available soon in Japan, with no concrete release date as of yet.