Polygon Previews Kirby and the Rainbow Curse

Polyon's Danielle Riendeau previews Kirby and the Rainbow Curse, calling it the best looking WiiU game yet:

The first thing I noticed, though, when I was able to get hands-on time with the game, is just how well the game pulls off its bright claymation aesthetic. Everything in Rainbow Curse, from Kirby to his enemies to the environments themselves, is made of bold, colorful clay. When I guided Kirby through an early stage, he rolled around on imperfect lumps and bashed into enemies that exploded into perfect puffs of clay. The intro cutscene — with a plasticine Kirby, Waddle-Dee and Rainbow Curse newcomer Elline — looked as good as an old Wallace and Gromit film.

Kirby and the Rainbow Curse for the Wii U will be available on Feb. 20.