Family Video Gaming Recommends: Dreamworks School of Dragons

Dreamworks School of Dragons is a free online MMO based the How to Train Your Dragon world. It is a standard quest-based multi-player game. It is a browser-based game, so other than installing the Unity Player plug-in, there are no downloads or installations to worry about.

 The game starts with your character and a baby dragon. As the game progresses and you complete missions with your dragon, the bond with your dragon increases. As a result of the this increased bond, your dragon develops into a teenager and eventually and adult. As an adult dragon, you have the ability to fly, opening up the game to even more quests and adventures.

The game is free to play and nearly the entire game is accessible through the free version. A paid membership offers an expanded selection of dragons and reduced prices for items. The mini-games and quests are entertaining, the game play is smooth, and the entire experience is kid-friendly.

For free, easy-to-play fun, we recommend Dreamworks School of Dragons. It can be found at


  • Free
  • Easy flying controls
  • Several ways to earn coins and gems
  • Engaging content
  • Crashes occasionally